The Deeds of Thomas IV

Merc Days: It's a Dirty Job...

Just something (relatively) brief. The story so far…

Thomas IV, Vrork, Jaqueline, Al and Standard Ben have, disguised as lowly mercs, set forth into a tin mine that had been overrun by kobolds. Soon enough they encountered the one whom riled up the local kobolds, a young blue dragon and, after Thomas was done insulting the dragon, the group did battle. Kobold Assassins entered the fray, almost finishing the group off before Thomas’ axe found its way to the dragons’ throat. The beast collapsed in the doorway out of the room, effectively trapping them inside.

The dragon held a fragment of amethyst, which was soon snatched up by the trusty rogue Al. Before he could pocket it, the object caused a reaction with one of the ancient hewn walls, showing them the way out. Unfortunately, it led the group to a forgotten chamber, encrusted with fungus and slime. Vrork soon dared Thomas to taste-test the “water” that sludged across the cavern after a remark about being thirsty. Stupidly reaching into the thick soup, it seemed to literally grab Thomas, his gauntlets beginning to sizzle away. Another battle ensued, resulting in the timely deaths of a fair few oozes. Now all that remains is a looming great tunnel that seems to go on for quite a while.

Disgusting and somewhat ungodly things await them in the encroaching darkness. Perhaps that path can lead to a way out.


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